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July 2008
Book on Dieter Mack
August 2008
Darmstadt Text and CD
September 2008
Member of the Academy of Free Arts Hamburg
October 2008
1st Chinese-European Cultural Dialogue
November 2008
Goethe Institute
16th November 2008
Premiere of “Duett (1995) for Organ and Piccolo
March 2009
Concert of the Balinese Gamelan Orchestra “Taruna Mekar”from Tunjuk in Salzburg
April 2009
Composition Course in Weikersheim & Gamelan Concert in Passau
Newspaper "Kieler Nachrichten"
"A Piece of Bali in the North"
July 2009
Festival "Time of Music", Viitasaari/Finland
March 2009 James Avery & Sapto Rahardjo
Two of my most important friends in music have died
May 2009 Klaus Huber
Ernst-von-Siemens-Music Award 09 to Klaus Huber
August 2009 Concert Tour with "Ensemble Selisih"
Concert Tour to New Zealand and Indonesia with the Ensemble Selisih/Freiburg
"Telu" and "Wantilan" on CD
New CD "Traces" by Johannes Fischer
Piet Meyer goes to Stuttgart
Former student gets a half W 2 professorship
10th August 2009
concert "Ensemble Selisih" New Zealand
6th International Music Festival Phnom Penh
5 - 9 November 2009
Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival '09
27th - 29th of November 2009
Attention: From Now On I Have a New Adress, Which is "Dorfstr. 55 A" - The Rest is Still The Same
Interview for the daily newspaper „The Jakarta Post“ in connection with the concert tour of “Ensemble Selisih”
Interview for „off the Edge“, Malaysia, September 2009
Radio critic (Radio New Zealand) of the concert of „Ensemble Selisih“ in Wellington/Neuseeland on August 11, 2009
1st Contemporary Music Festival Kuala Lumpur
27. - 29. November 2009
CD with "Selisih" Published
Henning Schröder & Nathan Mandel - Saxophones
Seminar "Musik from Bali II"
Continuation of the previous seminar (WS 09/10) in the Summersemester 2010 at the Seminar for Musicology, University Hamburg
3d Festival for Contemporary Music in Kiel, 4 - 7 February 2010
Analysis of "Tunjuk"
Article by Torsten Möller in NZ II, March/April 2010
New Publication
Magazine "KunstMusik" Vol. 13
"Musik in the Mind"
25 Years of the National Competition "Composition" in Weikersheim
For the Last Time ExVoCo
The Klangraum" Festival on December 3/4, 2010 will be the final event
Successful Performances in Asia
Concerts in Kuala Lumpur and Seoul
Composition Competition Southeast Asia
Ensemble Mosaik & Ensemble Kyai Fatahillah
New Music in Academic Study
A Round Table Discussion
Composition Competition South East Asia
with Ensemble Mosaik & Kyai Fatahillah
Back to Music
Ending of my Vice-presidency
Weikersheim Composition Courses (Weikersheim, from Aug 13, 2011 12:00 AM to Aug 21, 2011 12:00 AM)
"Jugend Komponiert" 2nd Meeting
New Publication "Begegnungen mit Musik unserer Zeit"
Composers Portraits edited by Violeta Dinescu
Freie Akademie der Künste Hamburg
Change of music chairman
Good Bye to the General secretary of the Goethe Institute
Hans Georg Knopp ends his Duty
Composition Competition/Workshop Southeast Asia
A Successful Event by the Goethe Institute & UPI Bandung
What will Happen in 2012
Probably More "Slow-Food"
Bigband Compositions
Nine Bigband compositions available
Workshops in Krakau
From 14 - 24 July 2014
Eastman School of Music/Rochester
Howard Hanson Composers Residency
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