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CINA (1982)

for Vocal Trio (Bass, Tenor & Mezzo-Soprano) and Percussion instruments

CINA has its origin in a ritual experience but is no imitation of that ritual. It is the attempt to create experiences (or situations) which are similar to a ritual event or consciousness in a more common sense.

This intention is reflected in the use of only a few limited elements for the voices with many repetitions but with on-going micro-changes within a texture that always only "seems" to be the same. There is no text in CINA; language is reduced to some musically treated sounds (phonems). Additionally the singers play three percussion instruments. The connection of the elementary with the magic, the "normal" with the "strange", the repetition with the ongoing change are (besides others) significant for my understanding of a ritual. My intention is to include the listener in this ritual while he/she makes own experiences and decides the degree of participation.